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Annual Report 2014 

                                                     July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014

Mission Statement

Community Support Services, Inc. is committed to the provision of quality community-based services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Individuals will be supported in accordance with their needs in school, work, home and the community. Services to be provided may include, but are not limited to, the following: job development; job coaching; transportation; money management; recreational skill development; instruction and supervision in the home; and behavioral management.  Services are designed by the individual, the individual’s family and others who know the individual well. Services are rendered in the environments in which the individual desires to live, work, recreate, or pursue educational goals. Services are fashioned to support each indivdual to pursue his/her own self-directed life goals.

From the Executive Director

Twenty Years at a glance


CSS celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. While it seems these years have gone by quickly, a lot has changed for many people.  In 1994, CSS provided residential and supported employment services to two adults and a two week summer day camp program to twelve children.  In 2014, CSS provided residential services to 83 individuals, day and supported employment services to 145 adults, CSLA services to 51 people, special educational services to 15 students, and a wide range of wrap around services to 78 children.  In 1994, CSS employed six full time staff; in 2014, over 400 staff are employed by CSS.  CSS rented its first home in 1994, and used space in a church basement for summer camp services.  By the end of 2014, CSS owns over 50 residences, 90 vans, and a resource center.  Over these twenty years, we have seen children grow into adulthood, watched young adults progress into middle age, and supported all to be included as valued members of their community.


There are several critical factors in the growth and success of CSS.  Growth has been managed so that the infrastructure was developed to ensure quality of services continued as the highest priority.  Leadership of CSS remained constant and closely tied to the issues important to those with developmental disabilities in Montgomery County. Funding was secured for each person to ensure resources were adequate to meet his/her needs, and private fund raising was utilized for important “extras” to enhance quality of life.     


Since its inception, specific needs of individuals and their families have been identified and met by CSS. CSS developed and implemented models of services which were highly individualized and enabled children and adults with unique or complex needs to be supported in the community.  Individuals succeeded in moving from restrictive institutional settings to community homes with one housemate, found productive work or activities, participated in recreational and social activities with peers, and were included as fully as possible  in community life.  CSS developed new services or expanded existing models of service based on each person’s request for services and his or her individual needs.


CSS has focused on developing and maintaining partnerships with advocates, family members, government agencies, private foundations, professionals with specific expertise in the field, and generic community resources. As the community based service delivery system was being developed, institutions closing, and out of state placements eliminated, CSS offered viable service models for people with intensive needs. CSS developed relationships with the Developmental Disabilities Administration, Montgomery County Public Schools, the Systems Reform Initiative, child welfare, Montgomery County Department of Aging and Disability Services, Department of Housing, private foundations such as the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, other private nonprofit organizations, and local businesses and companies willing to employ individuals. CSS has recruited professionals in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, counseling, music therapy, art therapy, and speech/language therapy to provide expert consultation and direct services.  These partners have assisted CSS in identifying needs and resources in the community, and CSS has effectively met the need.


CSS has prioritized the hiring of qualified support staff and compensating them fairly. In its first year, CSS employed less than 25 staff. Positions for direct support were designed to attract highly trained and motivated people, assigned job duties with additional responsibility, and compensated at a higher rate than was typical in the field. In FY 14, CSS employed over 400 people, and direct support positions continue to include additional responsibilities and higher compensation than the standard DSP in Montgomery County. The high quality and longevity of CSS direct support professionals enables CSS to serve individuals with more complex needs, complex plans of support, and highly individualized packages of service. 


CSS developed the administrative flexibility to work with a wide range of governmental agencies, funding sources, and regulatory requirements in order to meet a specific person’s needs. CSS is largely dependent on government funding. In the beginning, CSS received funding from the Developmental Disabilities Administration, Montgomery County, and private pay.  Over the past twenty years, CSS developed the capacity, licenses, certifications, or met other requirements to receive funding from virtually all available sources for individuals with developmental disabilities.  CSS is currently funded by the Developmental Disabilities Administration, Maryland State Dept. of Education, Montgomery County Public Schools, Autism Waiver, respite services, Dept. of Aging and Disability services, private foundations, and private pay. CSS has been willing to begin a new service with one person, learn the system, and expand the service as others are identified with similar needs. Successful models have expanded, modifications have been made as rules change over time, and new sources identified when specific funding programs ended. The range of program requirements, billing procedures, and regulations associated with the variety of services operated by CSS has created challenges for payroll and billing, but has also created a balance across the organization.


CSS has a robust quality assurance plan.  We monitored quality regularly through objective measures that can be compared from year to year.  A measure of consumer satisfaction has remained consistent over the years.  Additionally, measures of program quality remain high and consistent regardless of service type or growth.  By monitoring and publishing results monthly, corrections are made quickly to handle growing pains, develop more infrastructure as required to support growth, and to re-examine services that require restructuring or additional supervision.  By continuing models with positive outcomes, building on success, trying new ideas and being open to change, CSS has made the individual adjustments as well as the agency wide modifications necessary to go the distance. 


As CSS begins its next twenty years, we know that new challenges will arise, new individuals will request that their needs be met, and new employees will be hired to meet the need. It will continue to be important that we remain open to innovations, find workarounds for changes that negatively impact our mission, and identify resources in our community with which to continue our work. The role of family members and advocates will continue to be critical in order to preserve the positive gains made thus far in the community movement, and to further the mission with determined and unified action.    


CSS faces 2015 knowing it has a vital role in the lives of Montgomery County people with significant developmental disabilities. A key goal moving forward continues to be the development and preservation of a strong support system, which enables each individual to participate fully in community life. The challenges for the future will evolve and shape our responses; however, new obstacles will not deter our progress or direction. 


CSS has the commitment, determination and expertise to face challenges head-on. United by a determination to build a more inclusive community, while supporting the self-directed life goals of each individual, CSS is prepared for the next twenty years, and beyond. 





Financial Summary: Year Ended June 30, 2014

Public Support & Revenue

Expenditures by Program

Expense by Major Category


Strengthening Services

The monthly status system monitors program quality in critical areas on an ongoing basis. Each residential, educational and employment site is observed and evaluated by a program supervisor each month. The rating for each site is shared with all staff and areas needing improvement are reviewed and corrected. The average monthly status score across CSS services in FY14 remained the same at 92%.


The CSS Board of Directors conducts an annual satisfaction survey as part of the internal evaluation of quality. Individuals, family members and staff rate their level of satisfaction on specific areas of services with residential, supported employment and children’s services. A 4 indicates that the respondent is highly satisfied and a 1 indicates a low level of satisfaction with that item. CSS services have maintained a consistent level of satisfaction, between satisfied and highly satisfied (3-4) each year since inception. 

CSS Staff as of June 30, 2014

Administrative and Supervisory Staff

Lucinda Adams                   Director of Clinical Operations

Victor Adoukonou               Community Support Coordinator

Amavi Ahianor                     Senior Assistant Program Director

Jennifer Ahmed                   Community Support Coordinator

Adaoha Ajeroh                    Community Support Coordinator

Hindeke Ammanuel           Recruiter

Connie Antonio                   Director of Finance

Stephanie Anya                  Transportation Coordinator

Vera Ashiogwu                   Delegating Nurse

Sean Blakley                       Assistant Director of Clinical Operations

Anthony Bogan                   Accountant

Lionel Bongkiyung             Community Support Coordinator

Joy Brill                                Nurse

Winston Broadbell             Community Support Coordinator

Robert Brown                     Community Support Coordinator

Kara Lynn Burton              Office Manager

Ashley Chatneuff               Communication Coordinator

Manda Chungu                 Senior Assistant Program Director

Sean Cole                          Community Support Coordinator

Rhodesia Dabney            Administrative Assistant

Sassy Daly                         Program Specialist

Cheyenne Davidson        Clinical Director of Children’s Services

Emilio Del Toro Sanchez System Administrator

Lisa DeLeon                      Community Support Coordinator

Tanieka Duhaney             Dental Hygienist

Ayobami Fashina              Medical Coordinator

Kristin Ferragut                  Education Specialist

James Gipson                    Director of Human Resources

Alicia Glassman                 Community Support Coordinator

Laura Lear Gleen              Director of Administration

Kristina Gorman                 Director of Adult Day Services

Kossi Govon                       Training Coordinator

Patrick Graveline               Director of Programs


Wayne Gregory Asst.              Director of Vocational Training

Douglas Hubbard                    Facility Maintenance Coordinator

Eric Hufnagle                            Community Support Coordinator

Susan Ingram                           Executive Director

Allison Jarvis                            Coordinator of Children Services

Nickell Jennings                      Community Support Coordinator

Arminda Johnson                    Delegating Nurse

Samuel Jones                          Assistant Program Director

Jacklyne Wonde Kamara       Assistant Program Director

Katie Kaplan                             Teacher

Bernard Keya                           Community Support Coordinator

Nadia Khalid                            Receptionist

Rose Kronziah-Seme             Nurse

Valerie Krupin                          Administrative Assistant

Kerrie Love                               Human Resources Coordinator

Symone Lyles                          Special Projects Coordinator


Char-Anne Lyon Executive Assistant

Stacey McCarley Billing and Accounts Receivable

Cynthia Meredith Education Specialist

Isabelle Messou Office Assistant

Angela Moulongo-Boussoukou Community Support Coordinator

Linje Nankhuni Substitute Coordinator

Sam Ntim Teacher

Theodora Nyamboli Bongsha Community Support Coordinator

Christine O’Connor Payroll Manager

Adjoke Olympio Community Support Coordinator

Adam Rast Cooking Instructor

Katherine Raymond Director of Therapeutic and Individual Services

James Richards Senior Assistant Program Director

Craig Roberts Director of Adult Recreation Services

Juan Rodriguez Custodial Technician

Matt Sanli Fleet Manager

Hamid Savage Program Technology Coordinator

Belinda Scheffler Accounting Clerk

William Scherping Financial Consultant

Danielle Schrager Receptionist

Aamina Siddiqui Benefits Manager


Tammie Snyder Associate Director

Rhonda Stull Director of Residential Services

Jonathan Swann Assistant Director of Day Services Clinical Operations

Lindsey Sweeney Delegating Nurse

Christopher Taroli Behavior Specialist

John Taylor Director of Facilities

Fasil Temesgen Director of Special Programs

Amanda Tincknell Behavior Specialist

Seaton VanderWoude Assistant Director of Employment

Alexandra Warren Director of Education

Charles Williams Provisional Teacher

Doris Williams Community Support Coordinator


Direct Support Staff

Awake Overnight

Charles Aikins

Esther Attemene

Salem Barry

John Bright

Vida Debrah-Mensah

Madeleine Djuenji

Alama Dumbuya

Mohamed Dumbuya

Forson Edwards

Valerie Etta

Cynthia Fosu Rockson

Edward Gyamfi

Jacqueline James

Foday S. Kamara

Kossivi Kankoe

Kendal King

Bright Kwarteng

Amadu Lamin

Arsenio Malondras

Robert Maxwell

Delight Napoabil Mosore

Kodzo Numatekpo

Bate Obennjock

Christopher Obiamiwe

Lawrence Odotei

Lamin Saccoh

Christina Fadekemi Saka 

Landry Sandjon

Amit Singh

Myriam Stevenson

Beatrice Tamakloe

Sorie Turay

Jude Williamson


Community Employment 


Michael Tau


Community Living Associate

Peter Alhassan

Charles Amoafo

Chuckudi Anya

Kwaku Armooh

Robert Asamoah

Alexander Bazzie

Kwabena Bempah

Eliane Domfang Pouton

Emmanuel Idun

Antoinette Itoka

Yankoi Kalaplee

Fulbert Lewedia

Emmanuel Mac-Lomotey

Abdul Mansaray

David N Morris

Tchedye Palanga

Sandra Pinkett

Sory Souare

Gabriel Taylor

Cecelia Taynie

Kodjo Tchamegni

Adeline Tenghu

Wellington Wasonga

Gibril Yansaneh

Pierre Yombi Essama


Community Support 


Maria Abayomi-Cole

Hannah T Abraham

Daniel Adjei

Charles Agyei

Jonathan Lee Albert

Rosa Alvayero

Khambrell Anglin

Arezoo Aryaee

Jenaye Blackmon

Erin Bryan, 

Michael Che

Helen Corporan

Brook Daniel

Meraf Derese

Ramatoulaye Diallo

Dominica Dione

Dosis Feludu

Ana Paula Fernandes

Adantchede Hounzangli

Stacey Jerome

Sandra Kamah

Hoyoung Kang

Carol Khanu

Eric Klein

Barnabas Korafi

Benjamin Krupin

Dickson Kurgat

Jomblah Lamin

Kenneth Ogugua Lawrence

Natan Meaza

Bethany Medley

Lina Monroy

Virginia Morrissette

Christopher Ndasi

Mugo Nganga

Ngongo N’Gbwa

Christian Nnorom

Mame Osei

Mariame Osseni

Estelle Ouedraogo

Francis Owusu-Ansah

Soh Park

Francisca Polanco

Milot Rizil Jr.

Avril Ruzibiza

Juliana Sarkodee

Kurt William Seip

Allison Silvey

Carly Smith

Kangni Somado-Hemazro

Cristy Soria Almeraya

Elvine Tiba

Alican Tuncer

Susana Vallecios

Judith Vesoh

Kathy Wang


Employment Instructional 


Edwin Achu

Adejumoke Adeyo

Bernard Adono

Olivia Akoth

Joseph Allou

Koudjo Ankoudji

Janette Arnez-Turay

Dehina Assih

Yawo Aziakpo

Arthur Baker

Allen D. Barnes

Michael Barry

Aisha Beatty

Andrew Berewa

Luc Gilbert Bitjad

Chernor Bundu

Bwalu Jumanne Bwalu

Abubakarr Conteh

Komlan Dagbame-Ulrich

Mercy Boateng Danquah

Sherma Darlington-Wilson

Hanna Dibaba

Markus Djemene

Dorothy Djobo

Njifen Buma Dohnji

Chanta Dukuly

Albert Eboue

Sampson Eduful

Florence Esehngome

Edem Evissou

Jemal Fedil

Foster Fianko

Rufus Filani

Yvonne Fonseca

Agnes Forbin

Kwaku Fordjour

Fon Frankline

Jurgen Frenz

Almamy Gassama

Theresa Geegbe

Monica Patricia Gutierrez

Keff Ahmed Hassan

Sayed Helal

Wesley Hodge

Mohamed Idriss

Edwin Jackson

Abrahim Jalloh

Ephraim Johnson

Christine Jubert

Allan W. Juxon-Smith

Roger Kabagema-Payne

Alusine Kamara

Emmah Kamara

Abu Kamarah

Boniface Ndunga Kanani

Clarence Kandakai

Jeneba Kanu

Rhoda Kay

Mary Khanu

Oluseun Kolawole

Yawo Kondo

Mary Kouko

Abdul Kuyateh

DeShannon Lankford

Yohannes Limenih

Iyamide Macbailey

Evangeline Mancka

Abu Mansaray

Binta Mansaray

Teddy Max-Browne

Lennox May

Eric Mensah

Sophie Moukembou Mavioka

Richard Muabe 

Lemmy Muhando

John Mutie

Thaddeus Ndanjong

Emilienne Nsateng

Carine Nya

Frederick A. Ofori

Andy Ojinnaka

Olorunlogbon Omopariola

Modupe Omopo

Mac Owusu

Bella Pilouzoue

Ebenezer Quarshe

James Quaye

Tracy Sealy

Ibrahim Sorie Seck

Boris Senatorov

Gershon Senaya

Abu Sesay

Matthew Springer

Aminah Ssebbi

Pidier St. Pierre

Alimamy Suma

Francois Thypam

Jonah Toee

Garolyne Togba

Elmo Urey

Lucas Uzoka

Fabian Vesoh

Lolita Villegas

Isaiah Wallace III

Birdelyn Weems

Adam Wysong

Janet Dora Yeboah

Nicholas Yevoo

Zacchaeus Yon

Anwar Younas


Instructional Associate

Esther Akinyi P. Garner

Oumarou Barro

Nicolas Edougue

Hannah Forster-Jones

Sarah Kabba

Abdul Kamara

Precious Kennedy

Fessou Lawson

Girma Meaza Senay


Residential Instructional 


Ablewa Acolatse

Rocky Addison

Nurudeen Akanji 

Omojesu Akinkuade

Kodjo Alode

Charlotte Annan

Ebenezer Arhin

Matthew Mercy Ashley

Desmond Ayim-Boateng

Sajalieu Barrie

Monroe Barry

Selamawit Belayneh

Abena Caesar

Arnold Caulker

Jean Rene Chiogo

Oumou Conde

Michael Contch

Urbain Charly Dadjeu

Brian Ddumba

Victor Deen

Phillip Delgado Jr.

Albertine Dennis

Aminata Derra

Josephine Diggs-Doryen

Ahoefa Dogbeh-Agbo

Lurant Doh

Pierre Dorival

Janet Edwards

Serge Ekiti

Fritz Etah

Emmanuel A. Etei

Valerie Etienne

Tanyi Eyongetah

Samuel Fahnbulleh

Peter Gwanyalla

Abdoul Haidara

Sampson Itoka

Odepeli Iwori

Sulaiman Jalloh

Abubakarr Kamara

Larissa Ketum

Angela Khanu

Emmanuel Khanu

Shaba Kinguelewa

Alice Koffy

Roderick Koker

Augustus Korkoya

Alie Koroma, 

Alain Kue

Garmai Lepolu

Iyamide Macbailey

Marius Manzanza

Delroy A Matthie

Ephraim Mbonu

Julius Medumbeh

Belayneh Mengesha

Isaac Mensah-Poku

Dayana Milien

Henry Morray

Agathon Mouganda

Leopold Mukonkole

Fokum Munawoe

Susan Ndunga

Walter Ngu

Agyemang Nkrumah

Amaka Nwele

Kwame Obour

Daniel Okine

Oladipo Olorunlogbon

Ejike Owuh

Helmut Peters

Isata Saccoh

Mohamed Sankoh

Mohammed Sawaneh

Dougo Sidibe

Isaac Toee

Sulaiman Turay

John Wachanga

Valery Wasang

Angela Waters

Emmanuel Wawa

Mariama Wilson



Gabriel Ackah-Blay

Edwin Adjaidoo

Ekane Akame

Shambel Alemu

George Frank Amfo-Koranteng

Stephen Andoh

Delali Anthony

Tambe Ayuk-Arrey

Ramata Ba

Kofi Boafo

Rose Bright

Pulcherie Djatou

Akuvi Djidotor

Eric Dormang

Catherine Ekane

Godlove Ekane

Philomene Evoa Mindja

Michael Fonju

Nerlande Foreste

Robin Nordeen Carter Gaither

Gerald Hagan

Lydia Houdroush

Mohamed Kabba

Jeanne Kadouno

Cecilia Kamara

Nemata Kamara-Jobe

Joanna Karngar

Jitender Kaur

Bertrand Kenfack

Bernard Kledo

Robert Komlan

Augustus Macfoy

Emily Mensah

Matthew Moore

Caroline Njunkeng

Sonita Nulla

Emmanuel Odidi

Tony Ojinnaka

Theresa Orah

Augusta Sannoh

Carol Sowu

Ernst St. Pierre

Andre Tayou

Yanina Del Carmen Ticas

Hawa Turay Bah



Consultant & Professional Services

Anzhela Akbarova Art Therapist

Dr. David Band Psychiatrist

MaryAn Blotzer Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rowena Bowman Art Teacher

Rachel Carr Psychology Associate

Patti Clements Speech/Language Pathologist

Maureen Donohue Speech/Language Pathologist

Whitney Ellenby Special Events

Lothar Frenz Fitness Instructor

Nicholas Fondom IT Consultant

Janice Goldschmidt Nutrition Teacher

Lynn Gorman Accounting Consultant

Jen Hawley Piano Instructor

Dr. Thomas Hyde Neurologist

Dave Jones Drumming Instructor

Marilyn Leeseberg Music Therapist

Elisa Ndombele Behavior Specialist

Steve Poss Occupational Therapist

Laura Schneider Art Therapist

Dr. Marcia Smith Psychologist

Marianne Starr Speech/Language Pathologist

Jessica Swift   Dietician

Annette Williams Licensed Professional Counselor

Jackie Zamora Zamdance Instructor


Spotlight on Services


    Kaisa is a fifteen year old young man who entered the Marcia D Smith School as a residential 

    student in August of 2012. With intensive staff support, Kaisa participates in activities in his home 

    and community and works on developing vocational skills and interests. In the mornings, Kaisa 

    joins the classroom in group activities using the interactive whiteboard to discuss the day. This 

    past year Kaisa has made great strides improving his social skills and will shake people’s hand 

    upon meeting them. Therapeutic services are integrated throughout his day and include 

    psychological, psychiatric and speech and language therapy. Kaisa’s schedule includes 

    gardening, shopping, cooking, and art. In his spare time Kaisa enjoys working on the computer 

    and going for walks in his home community.


    Kacey, 24, receives supported day and CSLA services through CSS. Kacey transitioned to CSS 

    adult services after aging out of the Marcia D. Smith School in 2011. Kacey works at Kensington 

    Park Nursing home two days a week, folding napkins and cleaning windows, tables and picture 

    displays. Kacey has a second job rolling Gazette newspapers and delivering them to homes in 

    Germantown. Kacey enjoys a variety of community activities with her peers, such as playing 

    soccer at the SoccerPlex, shopping, bowling, swimming and spending time at the library. Kacey 

    pursues a variety of interests throughout the week: reading, cooking, dancing and learning new 

    skills on the computer.


    Kacey, 24, receives supported day and CSLA services through CSS. Kacey transitioned to CSS 

    adult services after aging out of the Marcia D. Smith School in 2011. Kacey works at Kensington 

    Park Nursing home two days a week, folding napkins and cleaning windows, tables and picture 

    displays. Kacey has a second job rolling Gazette newspapers and delivering them to homes in 

    Germantown. Kacey enjoys a variety of community activities with her peers, such as playing 

    soccer at the SoccerPlex, shopping, bowling, swimming and spending time at the library. Kacey 

    pursues a variety of interests throughout the week: reading, cooking, dancing and learning new 

    skills on the computer.


    Kacey, 24, receives supported day and CSLA services through CSS. Kacey transitioned to CSS 

    adult services after aging out of the Marcia D. Smith School in 2011. Kacey works at Kensington 

    Park Nursing home two days a week, folding napkins and cleaning windows, tables and picture 

    displays. Kacey has a second job rolling Gazette newspapers and delivering them to homes in 

    Germantown. Kacey enjoys a variety of community activities with her peers, such as playing 

    soccer at the SoccerPlex, shopping, bowling, swimming and spending time at the library. Kacey 

    pursues a variety of interests throughout the week: reading, cooking, dancing and learning new 

    skills on the computer.


    Kacey, 24, receives supported day and CSLA services through CSS. Kacey transitioned to CSS 

    adult services after aging out of the Marcia D. Smith School in 2011. Kacey works at Kensington 

    Park Nursing home two days a week, folding napkins and cleaning windows, tables and picture 

    displays. Kacey has a second job rolling Gazette newspapers and delivering them to homes in 

    Germantown. Kacey enjoys a variety of community activities with her peers, such as playing 

    soccer at the SoccerPlex, shopping, bowling, swimming and spending time at the library. Kacey 

    pursues a variety of interests throughout the week: reading, cooking, dancing and learning new 

    skills on the computer.

Thank you Donors!     July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

Lauria Albert

Lori Albert

Astrove Business Support Services

Robert & Lyda Astrove

AVF Consulting

Bahadori Accounting & Tax Services, Inc.

John & Betty Bahadori

Kenneth & Corinne Barnes

Richard Battaglia & Leigh Sutherland

Bonnie Baugh

Mary Baxter

Robert & Barbara Bender

Philip & Nanette Bevan

William Black

Blue Ridge Grill, LLC

Gary & Linda Bosco

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Bruce F. Grau & Associates, Inc.

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Carriage Hill of Bethesda, Inc

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Paul & Andrea Cocozzella

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Tobin Conley

Corr Family Special Needs Trust

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Steven & Lydia Glucksberg

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Sandra Green

Michael & Mary Greenberg

Douglas L Greenspan

Peggy Greenspan

Sidney Greenspan

Michael & Kathryn Griffin

Regina & Jesus Gueco

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Nancy Hammond

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Kathleen & Brian Henning

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Robert & Brenda Hoyt

Rev. Kwon Hu & Mrs. Chon Hui Hu

Belinda Huang

Patrick Hughes

Rand & Sandra Huntzinger

Matthew & Katherine Hurson

Edith Hustvedt

Laura Hustvedt

Pete & Trish Hustvedt

Susan Ingram

James & Joan Kane

Scott L Kaufman

Barbara Kaufmann

Dennis & Mary Keyser

Alice Koffy

Thomas & Diana Kollecas

Yosuke Komatsu

Jeffrey Kopp

Joseph & Susan Krempasky

Rona Lake

Thomas & Danielle Lane

Joseph J Lapietra

S J Larkins

Elena Lazar

Vicki & Mark Leemon

Marilyn Joy Leeseberg

Xiangyang Liu & Fenguo Peng

Louis &  Helyn Charitable Foundation

Ronald E. & Jill K. Lyons

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Jill Mayer


Jim & Marlene McConnell

J. Casey & Kathleen McCormick

Paul McDonough & Myra Beltran

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 We proudly recognize the positive community impact of support by 

 the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation in providing 

 assistance towards inclusive housing options for individuals with 

 significant developmental disabilities. Thanks to the Harry and 

 Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Lisa now lives with her friend and 

 housemate Alex. Lisa receives the support services she needs 

 from CSS, funded by the DDA.

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