Awake Overnight Counselor




Education:   A.A. Degree in Human Services field OR

Experience:  Six months experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.




The Awake Overnight Counselor is responsible to the participants in the residential program for assisting in the provision of a safe and warm home-like environment.




  • Support participants in the daily care of the home including housekeeping, maintenance and meal preparation.

  • Assist in the design of the daily activity schedule for two individuals.

  • Implement the evening/sleep schedules and plans.

  • If supporting children, provide individual attention and care to children unable to attend school due to illness or school closings.

  • Assist in planning for adequate supplies of food and household goods for the provision of nutritious meals and effective maintenance of the home.

  • Assists individuals in attending emergency medical appointments.

  • Perform daily duties in coordination with Residential Instructional Associate to facilitate effective program implementation.

  • Perform any duties as assigned by the Community Support Coordinator.

  • Adhere to agency Policies and Procedures, federal, state and local regulations and applicable standards promulgated by the Accreditation Council. The Awake Overnight Counselor reports directly to the Community Support Coordinator.