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Community Support Associate




Education & Experience: Bachelor's degree in human service field or thirty hours of college coursework and six months experience working with individuals with disabilities or a high school diploma and three years experience working with individuals with disabilities



The Community Support Associate is responsible to the participants in the respite care program for individualized support and assis­tance.


Responsibilities include           


  • Support participants to access community resources, main­tain family relationships and develop friendships.

  • Develop and implement teaching programs to assist each individual to accomplish his/her goals.

  • Assist in the design of a daily activity schedule for each indi­vidual.

  • Implement daily schedule for each individual.

  • Maintain a budget of activity funds and account for all re­ceipts.

  • Arrange for substitutes as needed from the approved substi­tute list.

  • Maintain written notes for each family on activities implement­ed with each individual and inform supervisor on activities and significant events on a regular basis.

  • Establish a warm and supportive relationship with family members of each individual.

  • Provide transportation to activities for each individual as need­ed.

  • Implement IEP and service plan goals and objectives including behavioral management programs as written for each individual and maintain documentation of progress

  • Assist individuals as needed with independent living skills including personal hygiene activities and household management skills consistent with the family's routine and the individual's IEP

  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Family Support Coordinator, Assistant Director of Special Programs, or Director of Special Programs.

  • Adhere to CSS Policies and Procedures, federal, state and local regulations and applicable standards promulgated by Accreditation Council. The Community Support Associate reports directly to the Director of Special Programs.





  • Completion and demonstration of techniques taught in the Behavioral Principles and Strategies (BPS), CPR & First Aid trainings, other trainings as required by CSS.

  • Successfully complete annual recertification of the BPS.

  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a driving record free of any moving violations for the past two (2) years.

  • Driver license, defensive driver training, must operate own vehicle and CSS vehicles as required





Employee must be able to effectively use non-adverse physical intervention strategies with individuals with autism of varying heights, weights and levels of physical strength according to the guidelines presented in Behavioral Principles and Strategies training.

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