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Employment Instructional Associate



Education:     Bachelor’s or A.A. Degree in Human Services field

Experience:   Two years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.



The Employment Instructional Associate is responsible to individuals participating in the Supported Employment and Adult Day Habilitation Programs for providing individualized support to obtain and maintain employment.




  • Assist individuals to access transportation for work by:

    • teaching individuals to use the public transit system.

    • arranging car pools or providing transportation if needed.

  • Conduct systematic job development and job matching activities for two program partici­pants.

  • Teach job seeking skills to participants.

  • Develop training procedures on the job site.

  • Assist company personnel, i.e. supervisors and co-workers, to implement training proce­dures.

  • Provide systematic on-the-job training for two participants.

  • Collect and evaluate data as necessary.

  • Provide follow-up support to participant and employer as necessary.

  • Ensure assimilation and integration of the participant into the work environment.

  • Assist two participants in the Employment Program to manage personal finances.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Director.

  • Adhere to agency Policies and Procedures, federal, state and local regulations and applicable standards promulgated by Accreditation Council.


The Employment Associate reports directly to the Director of Adult Day Services.





  • Completion and demonstration of techniques taught in the Behavioral Principles and Strategies (BPS), Medication Technician and CPR/1st Aid trainings.

  • Successfully complete annual recertification of the BPS.

  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a driving record free of any moving violations for the past two (2) years.

  • Driver license, defensive driver training, must operate own vehicle and CSS vehicles as required




Must be able to bend and lift up to 40 lbs.


Employee must be able to effectively use non-adverse physical intervention strategies with individuals with autism of varying heights, weights and levels of physical strength according to the guidelines presented in Behavioral Principles and Strategies training.


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