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CSS offers its employees a number of benefits in addition to monetary compensation. Some benefits, such as health and dental insurance, are only available to full-time employees.



Full-time employees are eligible for paid leave and will accrue annual, sick and personal leave.


Health and Dental

CSS offers several health and dental insurance plans to all full time employees.


Disability and Life Insurance

All full time employees are eligible for short-term and long-term disability, as well as life insurance, at no cost to the employee.


Retirement Plan  

CSS offers 403B plans through TIAA Cref and all CSS employees are eligible to make elective deferrals to a plan. Some employees are also eligible for matching contributions.  CSS will make matching contributions at 100% of your elective deferrals on the first 3% of your compensation plus 50% of your elective deferrals on the next 2% of your compensation.


Employee Loan Program  

Regular, full-time employees are eligible for the loan program and may request a loan of up to a maximum of the amount of their accrued vacation leave.


Educational Assistance  

Educational assistance is available for full-time employees.  Eligible employee may request request reimbursement for up to 50 percent of the cost of tuition, not to exceed $400.00 per class with a maximum of two classes per semester (maximum 4 classes per year).   Please note the employee must complete the course with a “B” or better.


Wells Fargo Checking Account  

Employees of CSS may open an account with Wells Fargo with no minimum balance and no monthly fee.


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