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STEP Study - Screening Tool of Feeding Problems


CSS will begin participating in aiding our Volunteer Nutrition Instructor, Janice Goldschmidt, with her efforts to collect data relating to eating problems. Working with Janice, who is completing her Masters’ in Nutrition at the University of Maryland, we will administer a short survey to specific CSS staff members asking questions regarding their client’s eating patterns. This study is consistent with the health initiatives and nutritional goals maintained by CSS. We believe participating in this study would benefit your child, and we would like to invite your son/daughter in this survey. Participation in this study will also produce data that will assist CSS in applying for future grants to help with cooking and nutrition areas.


More information about this study and the disclosure form is available here:





If you are interested in participating in this study, please sign and return the disclosure form. This disclosure grants CSS and Janice Goldschmidt the right to collect and use nutritional information to be used for the Screening Tool of Feeding Problems (STEP).


We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you allow your child to be included in this research opportunity.

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