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Adama Ganda

Adama Ganda

As a mom I love all kids. My kids, and other kids, I love them all. And as a person who is very compassionate, I bring that to work and I have compassion for all the individuals I work with.

Because I love kids I became a French teacher and then, when I came to CSS I turned that love to another field, that of special needs and taking care of disabled individuals. This field needs me even more and as a result I give more than I even did in the classroom. I love the individuals we support, I care about them, and I help them.

And while it was a little bit scary in the beginning of the pandemic, I never took off. I have been working throughout it. In my language, they say if you run from something that is going to eat you, you will never get something to eat. I put my fear away and just kept working. I remember when I was interviewed by Susan Ingram, and she asked me, “Why, with your level of education do you want this job? Why didn’t you apply for a supervisor position?” And the answer was easy: It’s because I love the individuals and they give back to you what is given to them. This job is not for everybody, you really have to love and have compassion and care for the individuals who we work with. That’s true every day, last year, today, and tomorrow

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