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Agathon Mouganda

Agathon Mouganda

Sometimes everything that you go through in your life leads you to where you are now. Your past precedes your future and will bring you to where you need to be. When I was younger, I had an uncle who was blind, and so everyday living activities he needed somebody to help him around, so I was young, innocent, not knowing why always, he wanted me to help him, so I used to joke around by asking him “why amongst all the grandsons that you have you always need me?” And he always told me, “because every time when I call you, you always come.”

Now growing up, God sends me somebody in my life, an amazing beautiful strong woman, who is my wife, and she is a woman in a wheelchair. So I met my wife, a beautiful woman in a wheelchair and I get to know what it is like to be needed.

I’m a strong believer. I believe in God, and I always believe that God sends us on earth to serve the people, not to be served. For me this job is not that difficult because I have been doing it since I was little, and it was just natural.

This work is different from other jobs because working with special needs individuals gives you a purpose in your life. You get to appreciate what life gives you more and you feel more needed. I can’t explain the joy that I have after I’ve made somebody happy, when I help somebody that is one of my goals every single day. There’s no better feeling. If you don’t find a purpose every day when you wake up in the morning you will spend your day empty. When I do good for somebody all the time, that makes me so happy and I keep doing it. And when working as a direct support, the people I support, they help me more than I help those that I serve.

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