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Belayneh Mengesha

Belayneh Mengesha

When this disease began it was scary. I was scared for the clients, scared for myself and my family. There was a scare in the house I work in and I decided I would work no matter what comes. I knew I was needed. The tests did all come back negative and it was fine but I still isolated from my family for a month and it was hard. I know though, no matter what happens we’re going to keep following the CDC protocols and even though it’s tough we’re going to get through it.

I like the job of a Direct support professional. I’ve been at CSS for over fifteen years and I’m happy working with individuals helping them be more independent. I have the potential to make someone happy and to make a difference. You have to want to help others to do this kind of work. You can’t worry about how it looks to other people and instead you have to do the right thing because it will help someone reach their goals.

I’ve been working with the same person for nine years and the work comes from the bottom of my heart. Every day hasn’t been perfect and there have been problems. In the beginning of the pandemic he didn’t want to stay in the house but finally he understood that because of the coronavirus he couldn’t follow his own schedule. He misses going out into the community and doing all his favorite activities. Now, he’s adapted to the new schedule. He knows when all the online classes are going to be and when we need to get on the tablet. He really enjoys the park activities and getting to go out and see other people and he understands about staying six feet away.

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