Birdelyn Weems

When I got (to the United States,) I worked with young kids long term. I had a friend that was working at CSS and they introduced me to the kind of work that we do. When (CSS) called me to come into work they wanted me to start the next day. I had to get a friend to help me get to (the house.) I started working that Sunday from 10 to 3. After I was done, I was called and asked how did it go, I said fine, so I was then was asked if I could start on Wednesday.

When I started I did not know it was a sleepover. It was challenging at first, the individuals I was supporting wanted to eat everything in the fridge. I told my supervisor I can’t do it. But with the help of my supervisor I learned how to interact with them and I got to know them. And the rest is history. It is not an easy job but I made it through. I still work this job because I understand the individual I support and she understands me.

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