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Clifford Kibang

Clifford Kibang

I'm a DSP because I have passion to help those in need of services. Just thinking of someone who can’t do something but him or herself and you have the opportunity to give a helping hand and it’s so nice it feels good to help someone who actually needs that help

At first when the pandemic started I was just thinking about the future of CSS but as long as I accepted from the beginning to be part of the team I was able to go forward with a lot of love to make sure that CSS because one of the most renowned companies in the United States. I never gave up, I put in more hope to make sure CSS became one of the best companies. And there was a challenging period but I Accepted that challenge for CSS. At first it was difficult for the residents to accept the way that I transformed, wearing the mask and with time I had to explain to them what was going on because they were not aware. And Kevin called me a ninja from the beginning so I knew he didn’t understand.

You have to be passionate about the job because then any challenge that will come your way you will be able to overcome.

I just want to thank CSS for all the collaboration and communication throughout this difficult period. We’ve gotten everything we’ve needed to protect ourselves and our families during COVID. Without this protective equipment we would have been putting our own families in jeopardy too.

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