Damika Ward

I enjoy my job. I like coming to work and seeing Kayleigh and Emily and everyone else. If I hadn’t of kept working when COVID started, I would have been sitting around and it would be very depressing. But in the beginning it was hard. I was very emotional and I had to stop watching the news because it was scary. And I have family at home so it was a challenge for me.

But it’s been a challenge for everyone. For Emily, she was, she is used to her routine every morning and she didn’t understand why that routine stopped all of a sudden. So I kept her busy, we played games, we did the zoom meetings, and we went on a lot of walks, it gave both everyone a breather to get out of the house, to get some fresh air and the exercise is great.
I want to thank CSS for having me and letting me be a part of the individual’s lives. And for trusting me. I commend Sue and George for teaching Emily all that she knows as well as all the other staff before me.

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