Elijah Curtis

When I came to this country I enrolled in a class for medical and billing and was certified and ready to start working in this field. I then spoke to a friend who was working with CSS. I was interested in the work they were doing because back home I had a nephew who is autistic and I used to take care of him. I became interested and I decided to apply. It has been great, I enjoy this job. I enjoy working with the individual I support and I enjoy their family. I am very happy with my decision and this is my career now. I love helping people with special needs.

I have continued to do this job through the pandemic because I made up my mind to help people with special needs. . Despite whatever the outcome may be, I have to continue to do this job because I made this decision. I follow all the precautionary steps so I can protect the individual I support, my coworkers and my family. I also want to also say thanks to CSS for providing the training and material needed to do this job.

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