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Emmanuel Ngamene

Emmanuel Ngamene

Starting working here at CSS firstly to make ends meet, I was actively looking for a job, and CSS offered me an opportunity. It was a hard struggle at the beginning, given my mentality and the lack of knowledge and experience working with people with disabilities. What at first seemed like a short temporary job has turned into a life journey, that has been going on for years.

Through the years, I have come to love what I do, to a point I don’t consider it as a job but as an integral part of my life. I don’t know of anything as pleasant as watching the difference once made in someone else's life; I’m very touched to see how pleased the individuals are when I’m around, watching their progress in their daily activities, their kindness sometimes change my day.

Going through these challenging times of pandemic has personally been difficult for me, but knowing the importance of what I do and my love for it has instead encouraged me to give more. Imagining the impact this additional disease could have on the individuals has motivated me to be there and provide support and protection for all. Never has it come to my mind to quit, given the importance of what we do at this crucial time.

I have been blessed to work with exceptional colleagues so far. I can’t be thankful enough for their help in training, assisting, supporting, and guiding me, since I came on board. CSS administration has equally been very helpful and supportive.

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