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Hafeez Kamara

Hafeez Kamara

You have to get some kind of impact on someone’s life. You have to do something good. In this work I help someone get out. To do things and to see the people he wants. To do this work you have to remember, that the person in need could be any of us. It could be me or my loved ones. Everyone needs our help and support.

With so many challenges, I do my best to create positivity in our daily activities.

I have worked with the same person for 5 years and I feel as though every year is better than the previous one, especially when it comes to my knowledge of his like/dislikes, his strength/weaknesses and how I should go about introducing task to him in a way that would make him wants to participate.
I acknowledge his challenges with every task and I make it a point of duty to reassure him by using simple sentences while being by his side every step of the way. By doing so, I can tell that he trust me and he feels comfortable to participate in more and more activities.

We are still working together despite the pandemic and its challenges. I continue to try my best in doing our daily activities and doing everything possible to stay safe .

I thank CSS administration for providing the tools to enable us improve and create some impact on the lives of the individuals we support.

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