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Honorine Njifonuh

Honorine Njifonuh

I love the job. It’s kind of the same field, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse and this is a very good fit for me as a nursing student. And I love the work because I take care of people and that is my goal and what I am looking for as a lifetime thing. I love what I do.

My first advice for someone to be patient, to learn to be patient because working with a population in need is not always easy. To work with CSS I think you need to have the love of treating people as they really are. The people at CSS are a special group of people, I know they don’t see things the way I see them and so I go the extra mile to fit into their shoes and I love doing this because it gives me an idea of how people feel. Working here has helped me understand other people in life and prepared me for my career.

When I started my nursing career I asked myself what kind of nurse I wanted to be? I used to think I wanted to be a geriatric nurse but now I want to stay in mental health. I’ve realized that mental health is my domain. When you come to CSS, have an open mind, don’t expect anything, don’t have a stereotype because you’re going to learn so much. Some people can’t say much but they still can tell you in other ways.

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