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Jonah Toee

Jonah Toee

I do this job because I’m very passionate about the individual who I work with - I like to work with people who need help and if you need help I will give you help and that’s for me the reason I choose to work with this population.

I would encourage someone who wants to be a DSP that you have to be patient, you have tobe able to encourage the people that you work with. You always have to talk to them directly so that they will understand you and also you need to know how to talk to the parents because they are the most important people in that person’s life. You have to be hard working and do the things that are very right.

The pandemic makes the job harder because we are not going for any outdoor activities most of the individuals stay at home and it makes it hard for you as a staff. They don’t see their friends, their parents aren’t coming and they get agitated sometimes over simple issues. Before the pandemic we used to go outside and we had a schedule of activities and that made it easier. To be good at this job, before the pandemic or now, the real thing is you have to have a way to understand the behavior, the abilities and maybe they can’t do something 100% but they can start doing it.

I want to encourage everybody, Direct Support staff and everybody who works at CSS to continue to do a good job, to maintain communication and friendliness, and our President, Madame Ingram and what she is doing for every one of us. And I hope that we will continue to work together as a team. And I appreciate it.

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