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Kodjo Alode

Kodjo Alode

I like working with people with disabilities. I think that it’s the best place to be to learn about what people go through when they don’t have the same capacity that you have. I think it’s important because you deal with other people that cannot do everything like you would do and those people need help. It is good to help them achieve their goals.

The pandemic has made the job harder, we don’t have the same activities like going out, grocery shopping, going to the mall, socializing with other people but we’ve adapted and have figured things out.

CSS is a good place to be to work, we have a good management - people who are very helpful. If you need help you will find assistance, the management is just outstanding. I don’t know if I can ever find another place to work better than CSS. It’s a good place to be. And we have the best co-workers! It’s the whole team.

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