Miatta Hubbard

I want to thank everyone, from administrative, supervisors, nurses and my coworkers at Buckingham for continuous support through this pandemic.
Working in this field can be challenging, but rewarding. Rewarding in the sense of aiding the individuals with their goals and watching them make the attempt or achieve their goals, can be very fulfilling. I have worked most positions within this field. I have worked with adults with intellectual disabilities, and kids in a diverse preschool/daycare class. One thing I learned when working with kids in the diverse class. They did not see their peers as people with disabilities, instead, they saw their peers as equal that needed help in certain areas. They also learned at an early age that we all need each other.
My quote is , " This too shall pass". It is hard when going through challenges or testing times, as we all are now. Going through requires patience, love and support. Whatever the challenge is, it alway takes its course. Sometimes the process is slow, and sometimes fast, but it always works itself out.
Thanks to everyone. Let's keep the team work and support going!

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