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Olayemi Adeyemi

Olayemi Adeyemi

I am a DSP because naturally I love helping others. I have the opportunity to do that during this job. I was in the finance industry before and I got tired of a sedentary job, I wanted something more, something that would get me moving and use my energy - so I started working part time taking care of an elderly woman. After that my interest grew and one of my friends talked to me about CSS and so I joined. I started as part time awake overnight because that’s what was available at the time.

I see COVID as an opportunity to for us to explore new things, new possibilities. I believe in life the most constant thing is change. I am flexible, that is one of my strengths. COVID has made things more strict.

This job is not for everyone, that’s very certain. You need to be someone who is able to help others effortlessly because you’re not going to be thinking about yourself. It’s not about the money, you have to have the drive and the empathy to help others. And the job is fun! I enjoy working now and at the same time I’m getting paid. The pleasure that I derive from helping others is actually a two way benefit for me. Helping others integrate into the community is satisfying to me. I enjoy the activities. People see me and they’re like, “oh you do this every day?” And I’m working out and having fun and getting paid to. I’m loving it. You can’t beat that.

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