Paul Ackah-Soboh

This work is an extension of your humanity because not everyone is as fortunate and we have a duty to help each other. We need to hold each other's hand regardless of race and ability or whatever else is going on. You are helping a fellow human to be able to fit in and live life to the fullest regardless of what their limitations are and I believe that by doing so you are expressing a part of humanity, and doing so should be a normal thing. Like helping an elderly person cross the street or saving a child who’s caught in a building from a fire. We should all help people live life to the fullest and by doing so we can live our lives to the fullest.

Sometimes we fail to notice the difference we make or the joy we bring to those we work with. But your absence is missed and they remember the things you do together to make them feel comfortable and a part of society. I’m really passionate about this work because I’m a people person and I always like to be of help. The person I support, when I see the joy that he exudes when I walk in after I’ve had some time off, that's when I know in my heart that I’ve made an impact. This work helps him to be able to fit into society and to be able to make friends.

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