Rose Washington

I do love this job, I love the people. You have to have loves, when you have love for yourself you have love for others. I do my work with my whole heart. I don’t do it for the money.

I’ve worked through the pandemic, I’ve worked in houses with people with the virus. I wasn’t afraid. I had to work because I have to be there for the people, to work with them, I have to support them. I don’t mind because I know I have tools to protect me. But you never know, you can get it. To do this job, be honest and to love who you work with. You have to care for others as if they were your own. That’s why this is the whole of my life. My mother was a nurse and she gave love for everybody who care around her. She taught me to love people and whatever I have to do I have to try my best. I’m not a perfect person but I have to try my best. Everybody has to respect their job and what they are doing and do it with their heart.

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