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Sherma Darlington-Wilson

Sherma Darlington-Wilson

It’s a pleasure to be placed on the wall at CSS. My journey here at CSS has been an abundant blessing to me and the participant that I serve.

When I came to the USA from the tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago, my whole intention was to become a nurse. I then signed up for classes at Montgomery college and was so excited to be obtaining great information. However, almost at the end of one semester, there came 2 students from the Mental Health class to recruit students to change to Mental Health. I then signed up and was transferred to Mental Health and graduated as a Mental Health Associate.

Immediately I began the MH program I got a job at CSS. As of today, I have no regrets. It’s now 21 years and I’m still here. it’s just that rewarding pleasure I get to serve as a DSP.

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