Walters Nyuwen

I’m a direct support professional because I have compassion. I know that I’m imperfect and I look at others and I used to ask myself “if it were me? If I were in that situation? What would others do for me?” so I try to do what I would like to do for me. I try to do for others because you never know what tomorrow would be. Before becoming a DSP I worked in a hospital setting and I helped a lot of people who are not well. And for 9 years as a teacher for secondary and high schools, I still felt that I was not doing enough empathetic work which I am passionate about. There was something lacking and so I began searching for a place where I could use my passion to assist other people.

So, I found myself in this domain, especially in CSS for the past three years where I have met a very professional and collaborative team that makes my dream begin to come true. When I came to CSS, I felt I could make a difference in someone’s life. It might not have been very rosy, but trust me, the challenges have been rewarding. Even with COVID making things harder, we still play a role in turning lives around. We’re making an impact even now.

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