Khadijat Nafiu

Why am I a DSP? It’s part of me.
When I came to America, I’m from Nigeria, my grandmother I had taken care of her, and
I wound up watching my grandmother because she was sick, people did things for her, that’s how I got into caregiving, interested, my mom and my dad do that, they work as direct support staff too. When I finished school and I was looking for a job, I thought I can do it
I went somewhere else,
Before the pandemic I used to work in an office, and I really didn’t like it, I really like being on the floor with people. And this job has a flexible schedule and I just love what I do.

Rose Washington

I do love this job, I love the people. You have to have loves, when you have love for yourself you have love for others. I do my work with my whole heart. I don’t do it for the money.

Jonah Toee

I do this job because I’m very passionate about the individual who I work with - I like to work with people who need help and if you need help I will give you help and that’s for me the reason I choose to work with this population.

Jabbor Sheffield

I came to work as a DSP because of my life experiences, I wanted to find a new way, something that would match how my heart is set up. And it’s been interesting. The job is not as hard as I thought it would be but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. The key thing someone needs to know is that to do this work, you have to be patient and learn the paperwork aspect of it and the rules as far as reading the behavior plan for who you’re supporting. And whenever you get the chance, get as much hands on experience as you can.

Paul Kum

To me, this work, it’s a form of giving back to people who can’t take care of themselves.
If you are not willing, if you don’t have the patience, if you don’t have the willingness to compose yourself during your work hours it's really frustrating - you really have to look at the people you support as your brothers or your children because you have to look at them as they are a part of you. Most people who do this job, they don’t do it for the money, because if it’s for the money then it’s not enough.

Agathon Mouganda

Sometimes everything that you go through in your life leads you to where you are now. Your past precedes your future and will bring you to where you need to be. When I was younger, I had an uncle who was blind, and so everyday living activities he needed somebody to help him around, so I was young, innocent, not knowing why always, he wanted me to help him, so I used to joke around by asking him “why amongst all the grandsons that you have you always need me?” And he always told me, “because every time when I call you, you always come.”

Franck Louzolo

Supporting individuals with autism is important because they need someone to be with them. As a human being, they need to have a normal life like everyone else, but they need support to avoid accidents and dangerous situations. It’s good to be there and help them on a daily basis. The pandemic has made my job harder because we can’t do our normal activities, like going outside and walking in the park. We stay home most of the time, but they have some new creative activities at home to do. There are rewarding moments almost every day because when you do your job properly and follow the procedures, you are happy at the end of the day because everything went well in keeping the individual safe and keeping yourself safe.

Nojoano Novel Ambomu

I love being around people, I like to learn and teach people skills and helping them to improve in their lives. I found that CSS is the place that I can get all this that I want, I am very very happy with what I am doing.

Ephraim Johnson

I like teaching, I like helping people and finding ways to help someone be independent and part of society. Many of those who we support don’t think the way everyone else does and it can be difficult to let them know what is going on and why their schedule has changed so much with the pandemic. We are all used to going out and being part of the community and now it’s completely changed which is a challenge for some people. We need to find the best ways to communicate why it’s not favorable for them to be out doing the same activities they used to do. However, it’s gotten a little bit easier as everyone has gotten used to the situation and the new schedules. To do this work, you have to have the love for helping people, and you have to have the love of teaching because we are teaching others how to lead an independent life.

Dickson Dagadu

In the past, I had worked with patients in Africa. When I came to the U.S., I worked at many different companies. For seven years, my main goal is to work with individuals because I love working with people. The pandemic has made my work harder, but CSS has provided a lot of guidelines for us to follow, so in some ways, it has made the job easier for me to work with the individuals. The house is a comfortable environment for me to work in and for the individuals to live in. While there are a lot of other people who don’t have a job, CSS has continued to provide us with the security of a job where we can work and pay our bills.

Fadhil Saleh

The reason I do this job is because I am making a positive impact on people's lives. We can’t take the small stuff for granted. We need to recognize the challenges that others face and support them. And the reason I work through the pandemic is because if we don't do it who will? Someone has to. I just feel it is an obligation.

Rufus Filani

I want to help people with disabilities. I know what their parents go through. I know parents have so much love for their children. Back home, in Nigeria, they do not have a system to care for people. America does a good job with supporting those that need support. I am happy to be part of it.

Ameh Carl Max de Souza

I like this job because CSS is a good company . We have a lot of good activities for individuals. When the pandemic started and we locked things down, I thought things would be boring. But, we have been able to stay active. The person I support knows what is going on. He wears a mask and he asks questions. I feel like we can get through this. I love CSS’s energy and how they help us get through this. They have provided masks, hand sanitizer, and they even have the house disinfected regularly.

Solomon Sesay

I like supporting individuals with autism because I grew up in a home with a mom who had disabilities. I grew up helping my mom, so it has been a passion for me to help people with disabilities. The pandemic has made the job harder because we don’t go out for activities like we used to go. My client had lots of activities, like swimming and going to the park, but he liked shopping the most. He did the shopping for the house. It was a big part of him. Because of the pandemic, he can no longer do shopping and it has been difficult for him. During the shutdown, many people are out of a job, but I want to thank CSS because we can keep working and keep our job.

Jermaine Harris

I took this job because I take pleasure in helping others. I have worked with the homeless, some of whom needed support. This seemed like a natural fit. I want to see what I can do to help.

Bernard Adono

I have sympathy for this kind of work. When I was in Ghana I used to work in a hospital. I have a passion to help people. While I worked at other places before CSS, here I was able to find the right place and that is what has kept me here for 8 years. Right now, during the pandemic, we, as staff, are struggling, so I know it is hard for the individuals we support. I know they need our help to get through this, and I am happy to do it.

Alusine Konie

When I first started working in this field I had no idea what to expect. But, I am very passionate about serving humanity. I have always wanted to do something that would allow me to serve others.

There was a point, when the pandemic started that I wanted to back out because I have a family that I have to think about. But, you can’t work just during the good times. I decided I had to keep working and to continue serving humanity.

Abu Barrie

This job is something I love. I look at the people I serve as a fellow human being and we need to love and care for them. I serve them as if they were my own family. I love this job so much that nothing is going to stop me from doing it, not even the pandemic.

Miatta Hubbard

I want to thank everyone, from administrative, supervisors, nurses and my coworkers at Buckingham for continuous support through this pandemic.
Working in this field can be challenging, but rewarding. Rewarding in the sense of aiding the individuals with their goals and watching them make the attempt or achieve their goals, can be very fulfilling. I have worked most positions within this field. I have worked with adults with intellectual disabilities, and kids in a diverse preschool/daycare class. One thing I learned when working with kids in the diverse class. They did not see their peers as people with disabilities, instead, they saw their peers as equal that needed help in certain areas. They also learned at an early age that we all need each other.
My quote is , " This too shall pass". It is hard when going through challenges or testing times, as we all are now. Going through requires patience, love and support. Whatever the challenge is, it alway takes its course. Sometimes the process is slow, and sometimes fast, but it always works itself out.
Thanks to everyone. Let's keep the team work and support going!

Ekese Ewane

I have been in the healthcare industry for most of my life. One of the areas that have touched me the most is helping individuals with developmental disabilities. Individuals can be physically healthy, but their thought process can be challenging and their behavior can be like a kid. You have to realize that you are dealing with individuals who need help and that help is offered to them. The pandemic has created a lot of restrictions. Individuals cannot participate in most of the activities that they love, especially outdoor activities. We try to create other activities to help them out. It’s been tough, but we are doing our best to make sure that they stay safe and we stay safe. I see positive changes with my individual. He can put on his mask and stay with it for 10-15 minutes and that’s rewarding to me because he is able to comply to a certain extent during this COVID period.

Agyabeng Kankam

Autistic individuals need to be included in the community and they have the right to express themselves in the community. I like to support these individuals because I want to help them achieve their goal of community inclusion. The pandemic has made my job more difficult because I have to wear a mask all of the time when working, which makes it difficult to breathe. I am coping with the pandemic because CSS has provided me with all of the necessary work equipment to ensure my safety. I think that every moment has been rewarding because CSS ensures my safety and they make me feel like I am part of the CSS family

Sarah Janneh

I have the heart to help. Since I was in Africa I wanted to help others. I have worked as a CNA and I have worked in nursing homes. Then I decided to look at working in this field. I love helping people meet their goals and to be out in the community!

When the pandemic first happened I was so scared because I was thinking about my child. I did not know if I would be safe and if I could keep them safe. But, all the policies and equipment that CSS has provided has made me feel comfortable with my choice to work.

Martin Baiye

I am passionate about the job I do. I have someone in my family who is diabled. Everyone loves him for who he is. I have always had a possession to support individuals.

The reason I work during the pandemic is because this is hard on the individuals. They keep me going through this. I know they need our support.

Adama Ganda

As a mom I love all kids. My kids, and other kids, I love them all. And as a person who is very compassionate, I bring that to work and I have compassion for all the individuals I work with.

Ana Paula Fernandes

I was born to do this job. Helping people who are often ignored and not understood is important to me. If we didn’t have places like CSS, many people would be ignored and lonely and maybe even mistreated. Helping them develop skills and seeing how proud they are of their accomplishments is very rewarding. Putting a smile on faces, making someone feel secure, and sharing my love makes me happy.

Andy Ojinaka

My little sister has mental challenges and I have people who take care of her in Nigeria. I see the way she is treated and I don’t like it. That is what inspired me to work in this field.

The reason I work during the pandemic, is because I still believe that I can catch the virus if I go to the store or somewhere else. CSS is doing what it can to keep us safe.

Hassan Komeh

The most important part of what we do, is the humanity aspect of it. If you are lucky enough to be born without any disabilities you need to be willing to take care of those that are in need. This value was put in me when I was young. We have to take care of those that need assistance.

Regina Nyam

I love helping people, especially people in need. When I was in Cameroon, my father had dementia, and I took care of him. Because of this experience, I felt I was prepared to do this job. I love helping people live a better life.

Emile Bulhassan

When I was in Africa I wanted to work in the medical field. When I came to america I was so happy to have the opportunity to help people. This job has been a great opportunity for me to help others.

Working during the pandemic is just part of the job. If you come from a medical background you know you can not back up when there is a crisis. That is not the nature of the field. If you back up you could lose a life. You have to move forward and do your best.

Prince Beckley

I like helping people, especially people with disabilities. I know that by providing assistance I’m able to help someone do the things they otherwise would not be able to do.

During this pandemic it is especially challenging. The individuals we support need us now more than ever before. I feel as if it is my duty to assist and provide a safe environment during the pandemic until things get back to normal.

Dennis Sackey

I have a brother that has physical challenges and I use to help him. And, a friend of mine advised me that I should give this kind of work a shot. I am glad I did because I have learned a lot.

When the pandemic started I knew I had to keep doing this job. When I thought about the individual I support, I thought, if it was my brother what would I do. Once you are in this line of work you can’t abandon people in the middle of the road. You have to see they are cared for. And, CSS’s policies are good, this is most important at this time.

Peter Alhassan

I like supporting individuals with autism because we need to help them achieve their goals and be part of society, like any normal human being. The pandemic has been difficult. I had the virus and could not come to work. Fortunately, the house has been COVID-free and the clients have never had it. It’s been rewarding to work with CSS because they appreciate the job that we are doing.

Sarah Kabba

I have always been passionate about helping people and I knew I wanted to have a career focused on helping people in some capacity. I consider myself very lucky to have found what I am passionate about. I remembered when I applied, Ashley interviewed me then she said, I really like you and I have a prefect position for you(which was working in the school). When I first began working with the individual I support, I honestly struggled to better understand and support her. The more time I spent with her the more I began to accept and love her. I love the bond between us and her parents have thanked me for staying positive, celebrating the small victories and not giving up on her. I learnt that my job is to help her live life to her fullest potential. I have learned from her that staying positive and patient opens up more opportunities for success. It’s a privilege to be able to learn every day from children and adults who experience the world differently. I love my job.

Claudine Kamdem

I like supporting individuals with autism because I naturally like helping people. In my family, I was always the one who offered my help to people. For example, I helped my cousin, who was blind, and became his assistant. I like to help people and give back to the community.

Kofi Owusu Kankam

The people we support, they are socially not able, so they need us to assist them and to help them take care of themselves. I think it's very important because everyone deserves a place in our world. The little I can do for them to feel okay, I have to do it.

Francois Thypam

To me this job is a human experience. I am a father and I have siblings. When I look at the people I serve I see my family. This job gives me a chance to grow and build knowledge. When I hear an individual say “I miss you” to me, it means a lot.

Emmanuel Ngamene

Starting working here at CSS firstly to make ends meet, I was actively looking for a job, and CSS offered me an opportunity. It was a hard struggle at the beginning, given my mentality and the lack of knowledge and experience working with people with disabilities. What at first seemed like a short temporary job has turned into a life journey, that has been going on for years.

Toh Tibuck

I choose to work because if we don’t do it, no other person is going to do it. They can’t speak by themselves, so that’s why I do what I do, because when something happens, you have no choice but to do it. If I don’t do it, there will be no way for the individual to be by themselves, so they need somebody. We gotta be there for them.

Maima Quermorllue

I do this job because I love to take care of people. I have worked in hospitals, nursing homes, and group homes. I love my job. I love taking care of people and helping them.

I feel this is a job that we have to be there for the people we serve. If you are in the health field you have to be there for them right now!

Ablewa Acolatse

I have a niece who is autistic in France. I know how she behaves, and I know what autism is from first hand experience. When I heard about CSS I decided to apply and I was assigned to work at Dairyton. I have now been working there for 8 years. I love what I do and I just have to say “thank you”!

Eudora Beckley

Supporting individuals with special needs brings a host of unique challenges and opportunities. The individuals that I work with make every day fulfilling; and I know my work is making a positive impact in helping each individual to grow, gain skills and work towards independence.

Andrew Berewa

My Aunt was diabled, she had autism. I was little and I used to help where I could. People would laugh at her because she was different. When I came to the U.S. I learned more about autism and I found myself at CSS.

Christian Duru

They need us to work for them, the individuals need us to take care of them. Even though there’s a pandemic, we have to be there for them.

Arnauld Tsogoum Tchinda

I used to work at a hospital back home in Cameroon, and I would take care of people. When I came here I wanted to continue helping people. This job helps me to do what I want to do!

Fidelis Nforbi

I was going to school for nursing but now I am focusing on IT. I started doing this work because a friend told me this job is a good one to have if you are in school. Once I started doing this work, I began to enjoy it. I find the people I support adorable! Any time I think about leaving, I think of them and I can’t do it. It has been great working with them!

Deusdedit Kessy

I like to work with the individuals and help them. I know with this pandemic, some people may not want to work or take care of them, but because I love them, I want to take care of them. It’s important because we help them in so many ways. Because they don’t know anything, we have to protect them to be safe throughout the year.

Lou Bili Bali -- “Ms. Lou”

I was a CNA before I started working at CSS. I really like helping people and this has been a great job because it allows me to do this kind of work.

Millicent Boateng

I am very passionate about helping people, especially people with special needs. This job has been a blessing for me. I know how to communicate with all kinds of people and when I am working, I communicate differently based on the individual I am supporting.

Delight Mosore

I had just arrived in this country and was working at Home Depot. A very good friend of mine was working at a similar agency to CSS, and she suggested that I apply for a job there. I said that I didn't think I could do this kind of work but she said “you are very loving and kind, you will do a good job and love it.” Seventeen years later I am still doing this kind of work! You have to be passionate and patient to do this kind of work. I have a passion for it, I love being an advocate for the people I support. Though I have to be professional, the people I support are like my kids.

Abdul Kamara

My brother introduced me to this kind of work and to CSS. I have kids and I try to see myself in them. It is similar with the people I support, I try to see myself in them. When I first started working at CSS I was working with the school, and when the individual I was supporting aged out, I followed him to the adult program. I am very close to him and I wanted to continue supporting him.

Alex Appiah

During this pandemic, I think we’re still going about our normal activities, but we just have to strictly follow the procedure to stop or prevent the spread of COVID, by giving distance, washing our hands, and making sure the individuals are also following the same procedures so the spread of the disease will not be so much. At this crucial moment, individuals still need people to guide them, but if we are not making ourselves available to help them, they will be left alone. This would be extremely difficult because they are slightly impaired, mentally, they can’t get to do what they’re supposed to by themselves.

Gerald Uzoka

On why he continues to work through the pandemic:
It is war! We have to fight it, and we have to survive. We know what will keep us safe here at work, and we know what will keep our families safe at home.
<When he began working at CSS> I did not know what I was getting into. This was my first job in the US. I felt this was a commitment and now, I am attached!

Cephise Tchamou Etcheu

I have wanted to help others, and to be able to make someone smile. Working here, we have become a family. It could be me that needs help. We all have to be willing to help each other.

Mounirou Sani

When I was in high school a classmate of mine was susceptible to seizures. I would be there when he would have some of his episodes. This made me interested in helping others. After highschool I started working with a family doing similar work that I do now at CSS. A friend of mine told me about CSS so I decided to apply. I have now been here for 5 years now. The longer I am here the more like family we become. Individuals, coworkers, and the families of the individuals, are all like family. It would be hard to leave. CSS has been good to me.

Frederick Ofori

I’m a people person and I love to help, it is in my nature. I have been working with the individual I support for over 20 years. I started on the residential side and then moved over to the vocational side. It is the relationships that I made along the way that have kept me working this many years, and through this pandemic. I don’t see why COVID-19 should scare me and keep me away from this Job and the individual I have supported for so long. CSS is like family. With CSS guidance I know we can get through this. I trust the safety measures that are in place. They will see us through this crisis.

Theodore Ntumba

I have compassion for helping others. You have to have patience to help people and have a willingness to help those in need. I have faith in my brothers and sisters!

Working through the pandemic is challenging, I am about to be a father so I have to think about my family. But, I also have to continue doing my job, how will the individuals I support get by without the assistance we provide to them. This is why we have to follow all of the precautionary steps and wear our PPE. It keeps everyone safe. The individual, our families, our coworkers and ourselves. We can not do this by ourselves, we have to pull together.

Money will come and go but the love and support we give will remain with us for a lifetime.

Modupe Omopo

This is a job of passion. We all can make an impact in someone's life, in one way or the other, everything in life takes passion to do it. If we all examine ourselves we will find that passion, to do more than beyond. When you like something, you want to give back to other people. This is a challenging job, so it’s not something everyone can do. I can say this is a calling, because I’ve been doing it for awhile and I have a passion for it.

Linus Mancho

I have a medical background and I like to take care of others. I had a desire to do this kind of work and I am happy to do this job. I continue to work through the pandemic because we have good protocols in place and we have the PPE we need to keep everyone safe. I love what I am doing and the people I am around. I have zeal for this work!

Jasmine Coltrane

I like doing community support work. I like helping people improve their quality of life. I used to work with individuals that were experiencing mental health issues, but I made the switch to work at CSS 2 months ago. I took this job during the pandemic because this is the kind of work I want to do and someone has to do it, even during the Covid crisis. I am enjoying getting to know all the different people. As a floater it is nice to get to meet so many people.

Hermann Aboa

I am comfortable with working with children and I used these skills to start working in this field. The people I support need attention and they need someone who can be patient. I like working with them. I am in a situation where I can continue to do this job during the pandemic. My children are back home in the Ivory Coast. I figure I can continue to work so I should.

Folestine Nanyang

I love my job, and helping individuals with disabilities to build their lives, to be like everybody else.

Claude Wanssi

I like to help people and I use to work with the people who are elderly. I heard really good things about CSS so I decided to come work for CSS. It was a good decision. I really like working with people who are autistic. I continue to work through the pandemic because I feel like the individual I am supporting is like family. You don’t abandon family.

Anselme Assi

I work during the pandemic because the clients are like my family, I can’t leave him, so I do it for him. They are individuals who can’t help themselves, so we have to help.

Abu Kamarah

used to work in the healthcare field. Then, onday, I decided to try working at CSS and I have been here ever since. I love the environment here at CSS, including the individuals, my co-workers and my supervisor. I like problem solving with my team. I feel I have the endurance and patience for this job. When COVID-19 hit, it was challenging for everyone. But, with the advice, training, and PPE we receive, we can get through it.

Abiodun Anjorin

I think right now, the clients we work with need our help. There is no way we can abandon them and sit at home. Even though the situation is serious out there, at least we’ve heard about so many people affected by it, but we feel it’s our job to do. And besides that, CSS has been able to guide us however to keep safe, keep our clients safe, keep our families safe too.

Ivo Hene Etone

I used to work in Nursing Homes with Individuals that had Dementia and needed help with their ADLs and I wanted to change, so I decided to work in this field. Working in this field, at the beginning, was challenging and rewarding at the same time. It was challenging because I had to learn different behavioral techniques to cope with the job requirements. Through the Individuals, it is deeply rewarding to get to see the world from a perspective that is different from my own. I am so grateful to these individuals for sha(anring part of their lives with me.I consider them my second “family.”

Anne Tchappi

I have a nursing background and I have worked at Suburban Hospital, Shady Grove Hospital, and other hospitals. I lost my job, so I decided to apply to CSS and this was my first time working with people with disabilities. Once I got started, I started showing the individual I was supporting love, and then they started showing me love, and then this job became easier. When I started I was working at a sleep house and my husband didn’t like it. We kept talking about me taking another shift, but I ended up staying at that house in that position supporting the same individual for 5 years! I have now switched to a day position and am an EIA, and I have worked with lots of individuals.

Alain Kue

When I first came to this country I started working as a security agent, and a friend told me about this job. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to improve my English speaking skills; I started working next door (CSAAC) and a co-worker, a CSS employee, advised me to apply here. When I applied for this job, Susan Ingram interviewed me and she asked “Are you going to do this job wearing that suit?” I replied: “If I don't get this job, how will I afford another suit?" She asked Ashley to give me that position!

Yusufu Sesay

I grew up with military training, I was in the Junior Airforce ROTC when I was in school. My motto is “Service Before Self.” I was studying nursing and I decided to branch out and try and find other ways to help others. Everyone needs a helping hand. I have seen the hidden talent of the people I support. I love being part of that. I want to help contribute to this. This is my motivation to get through the pandemic.

Betty Kouadio

There are two reasons why I do this job. First, I like to help people. Second, this job works well with my school schedule. I don’t like to let people down, especially when people need you the most. This is the best way to serve people. I have been with the individual I support for 2 to 3 years now. This is when he needs me. I have the PPE I need, and I can do this job safely.

Mary Kouko

I have always had a passion for children and adults with special needs. I have always had a passion in my heart for this kind of work. To do this job you have to have love, passion, commitment and patience. I have a bond with the people I support. I respect them so much. I always make sure they know they can do anything. They love me and I love them.

Ceoah Fiske

I used to work as a CNA at a rehabilitation center in Boston. When I moved to the area, I knew someone who worked at an agency that is similar to CSS and she described the work she did. I had been working with individuals who were elderly and decided to give this kind of work a try, so I decided to apply for a job and I have been doing this work ever since.

Epede Lowo Nku Ndolo

When I was in Africa, in Cameroon, I had family members who had disabilities and I used to help out a lot. When I came here to the U.S. it was easy for me to make the decision to do this kind of work. I continue working during the pandemic because I hope, and I believe that that everything is going to be fine. We are going to get through this if we follow all the procedures. We have to follow all the procedures.

Leopold Mbunga

I like what I do, there was not a way to leave or to hide in time of crisis. As a direct support, I am called to support my clients whenever they need me. I couldn’t leave during the pandemic.

Emmanuela Ndanjong

I know I have to do this, support my individuals. It’s very important because I cannot leave them, I need to be there for them when something like the pandemic happens. So I want to be there for them. Supporting them with their daily activities is important because they don’t choose to be the way they are. It’s important to me to know I’m able to help them be independent or so something for themselves.

Ivo Gana

I came to this field because I wanted to be a helper. I learned to be patient and to teach. I want to contribute to society. I feel like I do something that I can be proud of. I want to work with people that I can contribute to their life. I want to be a helper.

Lionelle Ponde

Back home, in my country, I was working on a degree in public health and epidemiology, I had an internship working with people that had autism. But, in my country they don’t call it autism. I became very interested in this kind of work. When I came to the US I was excited to do this kind of work.. I want to take what I learn back home to Cameroon one day.

Nacebatu Sesay

I have a passion for working with people who are in need. I used to work with elderly people. I just love helping people and contributing to their wellbeing . I want to be in the medical field, I am studying to be a LPN and CSS has worked well with my education requirements. I was even able to change my shift in the past when I had to to meet my education requirements that conflicted with my schedule. I am happy that I have a job during the pandemic and can continue going to school.

Elijah Curtis

When I came to this country I enrolled in a class for medical and billing and was certified and ready to start working in this field. I then spoke to a friend who was working with CSS. I was interested in the work they were doing because back home I had a nephew who is autistic and I used to take care of him. I became interested and I decided to apply. It has been great, I enjoy this job. I enjoy working with the individual I support and I enjoy their family. I am very happy with my decision and this is my career now. I love helping people with special needs.

Michael Tau

I used to work as a security officer at an apartment complex and I had a passion to help others. I used to help some of the senior citizens and I would help carry their groceries and things like that. I also love working with children. Since I had a passion for helping people I decided to work in this field. I love having the opportunity to help people accomplish things they might not be able to do without my support.

Theophilus Tetteh

I like and want to take care of the guys and make sure they are safe. Because they are special, so I like to work with them. So I want to improve their living activities and make sure they are okay.

Tanyi Eyongetah

I’ve worked here very long, it’s become part of my life. It’s important because I see the individuals’ needs, I studied them, I got used to them. I know when they’re angry, I know when they’re hurt. June next year will be 10 years with them.

Phyllis Lowery

One of the reasons I work is because I have an empty nest now, and I miss it so much. And I like helping others, so because I have an empty nest, I can give that love to someone else who really needs it because my kids are not home anymore. And I like to help those who can’t help themselves as much. This work is important so that individuals can live the life that others live, they can have happiness like other people have. And when they need someone to teach them something new, we need to teach them the things they need to know. And they need someone to love them and care for them, as much as anyone else.

Chanta Smith

First, before the pandemic, I’ve been working in the field and it’s the compassion of supporting the vulnerable community. I have a daughter myself, and she’s on a tier 1 level with autism, and it was a life changing experience for me. So for years, over 15 years actually, I’ve been a public servant, so it’s within my nature to serve. The pandemic just gives us the stance to become safer or better at doing things in a safe manner. I just haven’t stopped working. This is a vulnerable population, so it’s important, and if you’re a humanitarian, you understand.

Brian Ndansi

I’ve been working before the pandemic, so I never saw a need to abandon them because of the pandemic. We need to be them with or without the pandemic. Just because individuals have disabilities doesn’t mean they need to be overlooked in society. They’re just like normal people like us. Whatever we and I can do to help, I make sure I do my best.

Bola Ladele

I love to take care of people. I was a stay at home mom for quite some years. It is the love I have for people that makes me do this job. The motivation is love and the love I feel when doing this job. Even during the pandemic I feel rewarded by the love I get from doing this job. Now more than ever!

Taiye Daniel

I have a passion for the work I do. It makes me feel useful to society. I love to assist the individuals we support and to help them gain independence and the ability to do activities on their own. Who is going to do this job if it is not us? The pandemic has provided me with the opportunity to show everyone the love I have for the individuals we serve.

Almamy Gassama

I come from Sierra Leone in West Africa and we didn’t have a way to serve people with developmental disabilities. We did not have a great way to give them a meaningful life. It was all up to the family members. People also had superstitions. I said to myself, that they have rights too. When I came to the US I was thrilled to see the services that are offered to individuals that are developmental disabled. I am grateful to be able to work in this field. I am also happy to be able to bring the things I learn back home. I feel like I am able to contribute when I go home and help people build better connections.

Comfort Badru

I was working in a nursing home. Someone encouraged me to apply to CSS so I did, and I am glad I did! I continue working throughout the pandemic because I have passion for those that need help. And, I am glad we are able to keep everyone safe.

Gloria Ezulike

I have always been a teacher. I used to substitute teach when I first came to America. And I used to help children that had special needs. I get joy from helping others. And I feel it is my calling to work with the people I support. This is my calling and it is natural for me. I love doing this job, and the people I support love me too.

Wendolyn Davis

I work during the pandemic because it’s important and I like to be there for others. I’m just trying to make sure people are safe and taken care of, because they don’t really have anybody else.

Tanjong Njie

My clients need the support, so I have to take care of them. It is important because they need the support and some of them, they really do need us, especially at this point in time. With the pandemic, they are so vulnerable to get the virus, so they need us at all times.

Sandrine Bidias

I’m doing this because I know they really need me, so let me just do it. It’s really difficult, but you know, I have a baby. And I put myself at risk, but if somebody needs me, I have to do it. If I don’t do it, who’s going to do it for them? They need somebody to help them out, so that’s the reason I’m here during this period.

Samson Olanipekun

I have always loved working with humanity, especially those that might be disadvantaged, or underrepresented. I used to work at a similar agency and when I heard about CSS I was intrigued. I was very interested in working with the population we serve. The job has been challenging but has also been very rewarding.

Anthony Cudjoe

I am passionate about working in this field. I have a family member who is autisitc and I used to help him. I had a friend who worked with CSS and he encouraged me to apply. So I applied and was happy to get the job. When I first started it was tough, but now with the support of the team, and the policies and procedures that are in place it has become easier. I am happy to work at CSS, and to work with my coworkers and the individuals here at CSS.

Sylvie Siewe Ndengoue

I like to be involved in caring for other people. When I came to America my child was a baby and was not talking. I thought he might have autism. I started looking up services and found CSS. I decided to start to work for CSS so I could learn how to take care of him. Though my child is not autisitic, I decided to continue working at CSS because I love caring for people.

Salome Marco

I want to help individuals, I want to help people be independent. When I started looking for a job I didn’t know this kind of work existed. A friend of mine told me I should apply at CSS and when it was offered I eagerly accepted. Serving the community is the most important thing. I am still doing this job through the pandemic because the individuals still need our help and they still need our services.

Eric Estrin

I am very proud to be part of CSS. The staff and clients are both great, and I love the mission. I can’t think of anything I would rather do with the rest of my life then stay right here doing what I’m doing here with all of you. I love it here.

Josephine Agyeman

I have always worked as a caregiver. I used to work with individuals that had Alzheimer's before coming to work at CSS. In this life, you should always do unto others as you would have them do unto you. My ultimate goal is to help others. I have two hands, one to help myself and one to help others. I want to thank CSS and for my team and the supervisor for their support. I also want to thank the individuals at Tribeca, they are amazing. I just love what I do.

Fokum Munawoe

I’ve been doing this before the pandemic, so I just saw it needless to stop as the pandemic has been on. So these are things we do and also contribute to the lives of others. During this time, the individuals don’t actually know what is going on. So it’s our own place to help them, since in most cases, they need some help to carry on with their activities.

Pierre Yombi Essama

I’m doing this work because I like helping, first of all, and I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years. So this is something that I like to do. In any situation, they are like family. They can’t see their family members. I don’t know that there’s no risk with the pandemic, but you have to help, it’s always important to give your hand to help someone with needs.

Moktar Bonfoh

I have friends at CSS and they suggested I should apply for a position. I like to work with individuals that are autistic because I like to help people. This job works well for me because I am in school and I can take classes and still do something that is rewarding. I continue to work through the pandemic because I started working with the person I support before the pandemic got started. I could not just stop working with them because of the pandemic!

Janette Arnez-Turay

I have a passion to help others. I really like what I do. Plus I get paid for it! For me this is a bonus. I used to work in a nursing home, someone told me about CSS, and I decided to apply because I like to teach, I have a passion for it. Just because of the pandemic I am not going to leave my job. I still have a passion for what I do. And someone has to do this job. I am not going to leave the individuals I support just because of a pandemic.

Serge Djomen Kwubonte

I choose to work in this field because I like to help. I like to be involved in doing something that helps others. I want to invest myself in contributing for our individuals to have a better life. When I was a kid back home I lived next to an orphanage. They were my friends and my parents were missionaries. Ever since then I have liked helping others. I like doing this job. Right now I don’t want to do anything else. Pandemic or not, I like doing this job. During the pandemic the individuals we support need more care than ever before. To do this job we need to have a lot of love to share. Without love you cannot do this job. I would like everyone to take a few seconds of silence in memory of my late client and beloved Karim Moussavi who passed away two months ago.

Joyce Kamei

I have a brother that has autism. That really motivates me to want to help others. I used to work at Marriott Hotel. Then one day I decided I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something that would allow me to help other people. The people we work with respond to our kindness and patience even if they can not say so. When I started working here I worked with individuals that no one else wanted to work with. Even I was reluctant to work at that house. But once I started working it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I worked at that house for two years before I had to transfer for personal reasons. I really developed a relationship with the individuals who lived there. One day I convinced one of them to wear a dress to a CSS event and everyone was excited to see this individual in a dress.

Walters Nyuwen

I’m a direct support professional because I have compassion. I know that I’m imperfect and I look at others and I used to ask myself “if it were me? If I were in that situation? What would others do for me?” so I try to do what I would like to do for me. I try to do for others because you never know what tomorrow would be. Before becoming a DSP I worked in a hospital setting and I helped a lot of people who are not well. And for 9 years as a teacher for secondary and high schools, I still felt that I was not doing enough empathetic work which I am passionate about. There was something lacking and so I began searching for a place where I could use my passion to assist other people.

Christine Tataw

I get delight and satisfaction working with people - that’s my passion. I started in the social care field in the UK in 2004 and I don’t think there’s any section that I haven’t worked. It is my passion and so when I came to the United States CSS was a good opportunity to work near my house. The one thing that people need to know about the individuals that we support, I don’t see them as disabled, they’re simply limited in what they can do but there is a lot that they can do. They have their own skills and potential and don’t deserve the label that some people will give them.