Executive and Senior Leadership

Susan Ingram – President

Laura Lear Glean –  Chief Executive Officer

Tammie Snyder – Chief Services Officer


Connie Antonio – Chief Financial Officer

Sean Blakley – Director of Community Life Services

Ashley Chatneuff  - Director of Community Relations

Cheyenne Frenz – Clinical Director of Children's Services

Janice Goldschmidt – Director of Nutrition Services

Olayemi Johnson – Director of Nursing


Kerri Kimbrell – Director of Dietary Services

Jim Morris – Director of Facilities

Katie Raymond – Director of Clinical Services

Nick Robb – Chief Information Officer

Craig Roberts – Director of Adult Recreation Services

Rhonda Sbona – Director of Human Resources

Jonathan Swann –  Director of Day and Employment Services

Alexandra Warren – Director of Children Services

Dr. Deborah Williams – Director of Psychology

Board of Directors

Karla Nabors – Board President

Jeri Gresham – Founding Member

Robert Astrove

Carl Brill

Leenie Brown

Cynde Burgess

David Cross

Steve Kaplan