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Sophie Moukembou Mavioka

Sophie	Moukembou Mavioka

The pandemic has really changed the way we do things. In the beginning it was so hard. We all had to shift away from our old activities and embrace a different way of thinking. We had to stay away from other people and leave behind the things we used to do in order to avoid getting sick. There was a real challenge to fill the days with new activities that are still meaningful because we don’t want to sit around and not doing anything. The guys I support love to go outdoors. We’ve done a lot of things to incorporate both of their interests into the schedule.

I enjoy working with people with disabilities. I like the fact that I’m here to provide the services they need to make their lives meaningful. I like contributing to their lives. They need support and I’m able to be there for them and bring meaning to their experiences. Without support they wouldn’t be successful. We’re working with people and this is their every day life. There is no cure for developmental disabilities, they have to live with that. There is no other work like being a direct support professional. We have to support them so they can have a meaningful life.

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